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Empowering Innovation for a Sustainable Future

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At Pivot Innovation, our vision transcends beyond just creating products. We aim to redefine the landscape of innovation in Queenstown with a leaning towards the outdoor products industry in New Zealand through advanced manufacturing and cutting-edge technology. Our journey is fueled by the ambition to diversify and enrich the Queenstown economy, moving beyond its traditional reliance on tourism and hospitality whilst leveraging off and assisting in their continued success.

We envision a future where local creators are not just participants but leaders in innovation, harnessing the power of 3D printing, composites, and sustainable practices. Our goal is to make Queenstown a hub of technological advancement, where creativity meets capability, empowering every creator in the region to reach their full potential.

We’re currently searching for a suitable physical location in the Queenstown area to grow Pivot from, if you know someone with bare land or modern warehouse space we would love to have a chat.


Ryan Churchman



Welcome to the heart of Pivot Innovation - our team. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise, creativity, and passion, driving us towards our vision.

Amos Breyfogle

With a rich tapestry of global experience in additive manufacturing, Amos Breyfogle is our technological visionary. His pioneering work, notably at Stratasys, has placed him at the forefront of 3D printing and advanced manufacturing. Recognized among the World's Top 50 Innovators, Amos brings a wealth of knowledge in integrating new technologies to drive efficiency and innovation. His strategic insights are shaping the technological framework of Pivot Innovation, ensuring we stay ahead in the rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape.

Ryan Churchman is the operational maestro behind Pivot Innovation's seamless functionality. With a robust background in hospitality operations management, Ryan brings a unique perspective to operational excellence. His prowess in orchestrating complex operations ensures that Pivot Innovation operates like a well-oiled machine, balancing efficiency with innovation. Beyond his operational expertise, Ryan’s acumen in people management is central to fostering a collaborative and dynamic work environment, where creativity and productivity thrive in unison.

Jeremy Platt, our innovation catalyst, is a mastermind in composite materials and a virtuoso in science education. His inventive spirit and deep knowledge in material science make him an invaluable asset in our quest to revolutionize product development. Jeremy's inventive approach is not just about creating products; it's about ushering in a new era of sustainable and advanced manufacturing. His role in developing groundbreaking products and educational content positions Pivot Innovation at the cutting edge of industry innovation.

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At Pivot Innovation, we believe in the power of connection and the spark of an idea. That's why we've curated our signature event series, held on the first Thursday of every month. These events are more than just meetings; they are vibrant gatherings designed to fuel collaboration and inspire innovation.

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Regular Events Schedule

Join us on the first Thursday of every month for an experience that transcends the ordinary. Our event series is the perfect hotspot for connecting with like-minded individuals and hearing from some of the most intriguing and insightful speakers in the local community and beyond. Each event is a unique opportunity to engage with pioneers and thought leaders, share ideas, and explore potential collaborations. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just beginning your journey in advanced manufacturing and technology, these events are a melting pot of ideas and a launchpad for future collaborations.

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Stay Updated and Engaged

Want to be the first to know about our special events, workshops, and seminars? Follow us on our social media channels! We regularly post updates, insights, and highlights from our events, keeping you in the loop with the latest from Pivot Innovation. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram, and never miss an opportunity to be part of our vibrant community.

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Your Ideas, Our Platform

Got an idea for an event or a speaker you'd love to hear from? We're all ears! Reach out to us at with your suggestions. We're always looking to enrich our events with diverse perspectives and innovative ideas.


Join Our Innovative Journey

At Pivot Innovation, we're always on the lookout for creative minds, visionary partners, and collaborative spirits. Whether you're an engineer with groundbreaking ideas, a local business seeking to upgrade your products, or an enthusiast in the realm of advanced manufacturing and design, we're open to hearing from you.

Examples of collaborations we love:

-Joint ventures with industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, and startups

-Partnerships with educational institutions for internships and research

-Collaborative projects with local businesses looking to innovate

-Collaborative projects with businesses outside the region looking to use Queenstown as a base to develop their products all whilst having a positive impact on the local community.

-Manufacturers of cutting-edge technology who want somewhere beautiful to showcase the capabilities of their tech to potential clients.

-Big thinkers in other regions both here in NZ and internationally who want to develop a similar organization.

Get in Touch!

Reach out to us to explore how we can collaborate and create together. Drop us a line at any of the contacts listed below. Let's make the future exciting together!


The team at Pivot Innovation

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